Herbs and More Natural Health

Herbs & More first opened for business in 1997 in Pryor, OK.  Dr Jack and Linda Wise moved the store to Tulsa in 2001 and it is currently doing business as Herbs & More of Tulsa located at 6562 E. 51st Street (first door south of Furr’s Cafeteria) at the Farm Shopping Center.

Both Jack and Linda are Certified Herbalists and Certified Iridologists.  Jack continued his education and became a certified Naturopathic Doctor and is currently one of only 27 Board Certified Naturopathic Endocrinologists in the nation.

Patients, clients and customers come from more than 40 states and several countries to be treated for issues that have been unresolved for many years.  There are also referrals from friends and family who have achieved good health as a result of balancing the body.

Some of the health concerns that Dr Jack has a great deal of experience treating include brain tumors, Lyme’s Disease,  gluten intolerance, West Nile Virus, and migraine headaches.

Our qualified staff is available to answer questions, make appointments, complete your purchases, and administer B-12 injections.

Herbs & More of Tulsa has more than 1,000 products available and the largest inventory of Natures Sunshine Products in the Midwest.  We are also the only physical location/distributor where you can purchase Dr Wise’s Formula II, Intestinal Calm.

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